ABOUT Regen2Energy
The company currently has two offices in Miami Florida and Portugal which can service Distributors in the American continent, and the European countries.
Regen2Energy is a Technology Integrator

in renewable and sustainable power generations systems. It distributes Solar and Wind power generation equipment in the latest technologies. It integrates complete and reliable, small to medium sized, non-grid electrical generations systems that include power generation, power storage and energy supply. It integrates its systems to the grid or remains standalone for urban societies, rural communities or remote locations. It deals with power generation systems from 300 watts to 50 kWh. It supplies power tools, appliances and equipment capable of operating with the solar or wind power systems it supplies. All systems, equipment, or tools are economically priced to enter into non-traditional markets, and to make energy accessible and affordable to the neediest people on earth.

Regen2Energy is also a Business Incubator.

Using its simple, plug and play technology, it simplifies the power generation business, thus promoting the development of new entrants and businesses, dedicated to the promotion, sales and installation of sustainable power generation systems and equipment. Its client’s are distributors all over the world, who need to acquire an alternative to grid based energy, and offer it in their local markets to farmers, small factories, municipalities, buildings and people in general, that lack energy or wish to make Earth a better planet.The power generation model mankind has developed (centralized power generation), consisting of a large power plant, a grid with many thousands of miles in power transmission lines, stations and substations, and step down transformers, has not fully worked for the world. Its high cost has left more than 4,800 million people without energy, and generated underdevelopment and impoverishment of nations. These power plants are generally powered by non-renewable fossil fuels that generate Green house gases, or nuclear reactors (500) which on a yearly basis pile up 10,000 tons of additional non-recyclable nuclear waste.


is a proponent of the renewable and sustainable power generation systems (decentralized power generation) specifically designed to supply energy to a farm, a house, a building, a school, a hospital, or an application onsite. Power reliability can be provided with energy storage capabilities. This approach allows development of rural land, even if the power grid has not reached or is in existent.


is a proponent of growing the power generation system in a modular manner, and in accordance to the onsite growing power requirements. It further supports the production of tools, appliances and equipment that works with DC, to reduce cost of the entire power generation, supply and usage system, for the benefit of mankind.


welcomes inquiries from all over the world. We offer, and easy, low investment and economical way to build a solar and wind powered generation business.





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