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Regen2Energy is working on an innovative waste management  technology  that converts post-recycled municipal solid waste into green power and other valuable products. R2E operates the world’s only commercial-scale conversion technology facility that converts municipal solid waste into a consistent syngas that runs reciprocating gas engines, to generate electricity important in today’s waste management world.images

The R2E Conversion System is the result of over 30 years of experience with plasma pyrolosis technologies. Decades of research and development have been invested to develop breakthrough performance both economically and environmentally.


R2E and its partners assume all financial responsibility and risk with respect to the construction, completion, commissioning, and on-going operations of a facility. Our finance, build, own, and operate business model ensures there are no capital costs for the community or its taxpayer.

Our facilities charge competitive tipping fees for the waste they receive and also generate revenue from the sale of premium green electricity. R2E offers the most economical and environmentally superior alternative to land-filling and incineration.


Regen2Energy is a privately held process engineering company, with capabilities of international engineering services.


We process Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)
using our unique Garbage 2 Electricity System converts and turn it into Briquettes called Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF).
The Briquettes are used in gasifier to produce gas and electricity. The gasification is our primary proposed system.

RDF is also could be used in especially designed boiler to produce heat and electricity.
Usually the Environmental Agencies in many countries do not like burning garbage as a source of Energy. But our environmentally friendly system, which processes the garbage into RDF and then burns that, which has the blessing of the Environmentalists.




  • All the developers of Creation have come from the disadvantaged part or group of the society. All have established themselves after a long and hard struggle in their life ----- Regen2Energy Team
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